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World kept laying down glass pieces on her steps

Oprah Winfrey- She managed to reach the top even when the entire world kept laying down glass pieces on her steps

A lot has been spoken of this superwoman’s troublesome life as a child but never does it fail to astonish and inspire us. A victim of child sexual abuse by relatives and a family friend, a mother at an age of 14 years to a child who passed away in just 2 days, a prey to racism, a target to intrusive questions about her sexual orientation and to hateful comments for her body type. This woman survived it all with applause worthy strength. Most traumatic of experiences like that of becoming a mother at a young age could not lower her confidence.

She continued to bust her butt through high school and earned a full scholarship to college. From a local network anchor in Nashville to becoming the owner of her OWN network, Oprah is truly the best example of people who work hard to achieve success regardless of how many stones are pelted towards them.

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