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Tears of Joy

Jim Carry had to quit studying at age 15 to support his family by working as a janitor

Witnessing the dwindling financial condition of his family first hand, James Eugene Carrey had started maturing at a young age. In an interview with James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio, he gave a detour of his miserable childhood. He talked about the traumatic days when his father, who worked as a musician, lost his job and the dreadful impact it had on his family. Carrey’s family went down from a lower medium class to a poor class and they started living out of a van. He quit school at 15 and started working as a janitor to support his family. The days had started to take a toll on him and he used to stay angry all the time. He even owned a baseball bat just so he could vent his anger by beating the heck out of anything at all.

All this while, Carrey remained true to his love for comedy. But all hell broke loose when his debut at comedy club Yuk Yuk’s bombed. A debut that his father had helped him prepare for. Yet, he stayed undeterred. And when his family’s financial condition stabled a little, he returned on stage with a polished act and from then on, he has been killing millions around the world by making them shed tears of joy and laughter.

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